Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress plugins

WordPress is an open-source and website content management system. It provides an easy to use interface to users for creating their websites. For making a website using WordPress, all you need is to buy the domain and hosting. 


WordPress is one of the easiest to use and famous tool for website creation and content management. The best thing about WordPress is, it provides an interface for website creation, which doesn’t require any special skills or programming languages. Anyone with the basic knowledge about computers can use it, and create websites using it. Most of the websites that we see on the web are created using WordPress. The reason is its standard dashboard, which is accessible to everyone around the world. 


Uses of WordPress

There are many ways we can use WordPress for marketing, and for increasing our site revenue. Following is a list:

  • Page loading speed
  • Optimizing images
  • Checking forms on your website if any
  • Deleting unused themes and plugins
  • Scanning for Malware 
  • Optimizing Database
  • Check for Google Analytics
  • Regular updating of device
  • Fully Responsive themes
  • List of Plugins


Page loading speed

Page loading speed may affect the users who visit your site. For increasing the traffic and revenue of your WordPress website, it is necessary to have a detailed check on your page loading speed. There are many things that you can do to increase the page loading speed. The first thing is to keep notice of your page speed via Google page speed Insight. After you have the idea about your page loading speed, the next step is to increase the speed. For increasing it, you can use different plugins like Fastest Cache plug-in and many more. 


Optimizing images

Un-optimized images will not only affect your page loading speed, but it also affects your image on your clients. An un-optimized image on your web page will affect your website traffic. For optimizing your site images, the first step is to notice your image size and check the most accurate image size list from Google. After this, resize your image to that size via Photoshop and save in Jpeg format. The next step is to select your image quality. Keep this thing in mind that you have to keep the file size small, but you don’t have to lose to image quality. The best option for this is to select the image quality of around 60-70%. After done with all the settings, you can upload your image. 


Checking forms on your website if any

We usually upload forms on our website, especially e-commerce websites. Adding a form will help people in absorbing more information in relatively lesser time. However, the issue occurs when your site is showing some old data in the website forms or any information that doesn’t exist now. It leaves a negative impact on your users and affects your website traffic. The best thing to avoid is to regularly check your website forms to ensure that they are working fine. Also, update your website forms whenever you add or delete any information from your site. 


Deleting unused themes and plugins

We usually install many WordPress themes and Plugins, and after using them, we don’t delete them. They will stay in our WordPress library, and we keep on adding new themes and Plugins according to our requirements. What happens is, our website will start getting slower with every passing day. It will have a very bad and negative impact on our traffic. Also, old and unused themes and plugins will make your website easy-to-hack. Therefore, it is mandatory to delete all the unused themes and plugins every few days or weeks. 


Scanning for Malware

Our top priority for our sites should be the website security. To keep our site virus and malware-free, we should do a regular site checkup every few days. For scanning your site for malware’s or any malicious activity, you can use various plugins. One of those is “Cerber”. It has many features, along with a huge list of benefits. Cerber plug-in will automatically check your site regularly for any malicious activity and malware. Also, it provides you protection from spam. It is essential to regularly check your site for viruses and malware to maintain your site traffic. 


Optimizing Database

Just like image optimization, database optimization is also mandatory for maintaining your site traffic. It usually occurs when you have an old WordPress website that you were using for a long time. An old WordPress website has a lot of data that you don’t use, or it may have spam comments. The presence of this type of data on your website will affect its speed and performance. For maintaining a proper website, it is essential to optimize your database so that you will not lose your website traffic due to issues like slow speed. 


Check for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a kind of flow chart that will give sight of the working of our website. The best thing about Google analytics is, it is 100% free for the users. You can check the Google analytics of your site for understanding the site working. It will also highlight any points that need improvement so that you can improve your site’s weaknesses. Google Analytics is very easy to use. After making a free account on Google Analytics, you can install its plug-in on your site. A Google analytics plug-in will keep you updated about the working of your website. 


Regular updating of device

We usually think that marketing and earning is only linked to our site, and it has nothing to do with our device or system that we are using. It is a very wrong assumption. A system running on a previous version or in simple words, a non-updated system can cause equal damage that a slow site does. In addition, once you have created the WordPress site, it is mandatory to check it on different devices like tablets and phones. It will give you surety about the perfect working of your site. 

Fully Responsive themes

WordPress is providing more than ten thousand themes to its users. People usually think that it may be difficult to choose from if you have limited options. However, the reality is, it is tougher if you have a huge list of options. It applies to WordPress themes as well. The most important thing is to use themes that perfectly match your site and are fully responsive to marketing. 


List of 10 Best Essential Plugins

WordPress provides a huge list of plugins to its users for almost every action that you want to perform on a WordPress website. From managing your site’s speed to checking for malicious activities, every function has a specific plug-in in WordPress. Following are some Essential WordPress plugins for different purposes:

  1. Elementor pro
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. All in one SEO
  4. WordPress woocommerce
  5. Jetpack WordPress
  6. Monsterinsights
  7. Contact form 7 captcha
  8. Litespeed cache
  9. Wp smush
  10. Duplicator pro


Elementor pro

Elementor Pro is one of the best plugins available in WordPress. When making a website using WordPress, you need a WordPress page builder to build your site pages. A page or a WordPress theme builder is necessary for creating a customized design website. If you are a website builder or you are interested in building sites, then you must have the idea that we are progressing towards drag and drop tools to eliminate excessive coding while forming the sites. It is the reason behind the popularity of Elementor. You must have listened or repeatedly read that it is impossible to create a website without the knowledge of coding. Elementor has proved this perception wrong. With the help of WordPress and Elementor, you can create your site without any type of coding. For using Elementor, you must have a domain name and hosting. After you have bought the hosting and domain for your WordPress site, the next step is to install the WordPress from CPanel of your hosting. WordPress installation is necessary for making a site using it.


Yoast SEO

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a way to make your site prominent in the search results of Google search bar. WordPress SEO plug-in will make your site SEO optimized. The benefit of doing it is to increase the website traffic in very less time. The best part about it is, it will work best whether you are running a professional website or a personal blog. 


All in one SEO

It is easy to use and powerful WordPress plug-in. It is the best plug-in on WordPress that can handle all your worries by configuring your site. This plug-in will do the SEO of your site and makes sure that your site has the best SEO. Imagine a plug-in doing all for you and your site that you once hired a professional for? This WordPress plug-in is a life-saver, and it will save your additional budget by handling all the tasks itself. 


WordPress woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of those plugins on WordPress that don’t cost you anything. With this best and free plug-in, you can transform your site into an e-commerce store. In simple words, you can run an entire business using this WordPress plug-in. The best part about it is, you don’t need to create a new site for making it an e-commerce site. Instead, you can transform an existing site into an e-commerce one using it. 


Jetpack WordPress

It is a WordPress plug-in that has many features. You can grow the traffic of your site or manage the statistics of the site using this plug-in. In addition, it provides the best-certified security to your site so that you can no unauthorized access can damage your site. Site security can never be denied, and Jetpack is the best choice for that purpose. 



If you are searching for a plug-in that can keep a record of your site analytics so that you can have a look at the site traffic, then monsterinsights plug-in is the best choice for you. It will show Google Analytics for your site and help you manage your site so that it can grab maximum attention to increase the site traffic. In addition, it can enhance e-commerce tracking. 


Contact form 7 captcha

It is another very beneficial plug-in for WordPress. As the name says, this plug-in will add a Google Captcha to your contact form 7. The reason for adding this captcha is to protect your forms from spam or unauthorized access. The best part about this plug-in is that it can handle multiple forms on the same page, and it will protect against all of them at once. 


Litespeed cache

If you are searching for a plug-in for your WordPress site with all features at a single place, then always go for Litespeed cache plug-in. It provides the feature that is responsible for the acceleration of your site, and that too is all in one site acceleration. In addition, it can deal with WordPress multisite and is compatible with many other plugins like Yoast. 


Wp smush

It is the best option to choose from a huge list of WordPress plugins. WP smush plug-in works great with sites that have to show the images to the users. The reason is, it optimizes all the site images without losing their quality. This plug-in made it easy for you to optimize the images and then add them to your WordPress site. In addition, it can deal with older images on your site as well. 


Duplicator pro

Backups are an essential part of any site. If you are not maintaining a backup of your site, then any mishap can cause a huge loss of your data. Therefore, WordPress has worked on this factor and introduced a plug-in that can maintain your site backup, and that has the ability to migrate and copy the data on your site. This plug-in is very useful and named as Duplicator pro plug-in for WordPress.


The above-mentioned WordPress plugins are useful for maintaining any site and are beneficial for almost every feature that we want from our site.