SEMrush Tool review

SEMrush tool offers a solution for content, social media, competitive research, and SEO. It is mainly used for improving online visibility.

SEMrush was founded in 2008. At that time, it was a small company with a few SEO and IT experts. Due to its best performance and continuous hard work, it has multiple branches in different countries with more than 200 IT and SEO specialists. The main aim of SEMrush is to make the online competition transparent. The reason behind this is to give equal opportunity to all business owners to enjoy this facility. 

SEMrush is the only tool that makes the SEMrush keyword research in your article very simple. You can easily find out the keyword on which your site is ranking for using SEMrush. Also, you can add keywords using this tool and then track their positions using search engines. Right now, as compared to SEMrush competitor analysis and SEMrush competitor research, it has more than one billion domains and more than eight billion keywords in its database.

In this article, we will do a detailed review of SEMrush based on the following main categories:

  • Features of SEMrush
  • SEMrush Pricing and plans
  • Pros and Cons of SEMrush

Features of SEMrush

SEMrush has many features, which we usually called as tools of SEMrush. Following is a list:

  • Keyword magic tool
  • Keyword analyzer tool
  • Position tracking tool
  • Domain overview tool
  • Organic research tool
  • Keyword Gap tool
  • Site audit tool
  • Backlinks analytics tool
  • Backlink audit tool

Keyword magic tool

Keyword magical tool has more than two million keywords available in its database. It means you can find as many keywords for your business as you want. It also provides the facility to its users to create a list of more than fifty keywords if they have multiple clients. The best part is its user-friendly interface. You can search for any keyword just by typing it in the search bar. The software will show you the volume and difficulty of that keyword and all other keywords related to it. 

Keyword analyzer tool

The keyword analyzer tool helps users to do further segmentation of their keyword for a detailed analysis. You can use a keyword analyzer tool to export your keyword to a spreadsheet. It will help you to send your file to other tools as well. The keyword analyzer tool is helping the users to explore more than one thousand keywords. It has the same easy to use interface as the keyword magical tool, and it will help the users to do their tasks efficiently. 

Position tracking tool

After you have successfully figured and analyzed the keywords that you want to use, the next step is to add them to the position tracking tool. The position tracking tool helps you understand your keyword’s position, or you can say that it will give you a weekly report about your keyword’s functioning and ranking. It will help you quickly review those pages where your keyword is ranking and improve it if you want to get a higher ranking. 

Domain overview tool

You must be thinking that what should people with existing ranked keywords do on SEMrush. The fact is, SEMrush is not only helpful for people with new keywords search, but it also helps people with their website and with their already ranked keywords. Often in your professional career, you are unaware of the keywords that bring traffic to your site. The domain overview tool will help you with this issue. You can get all this information just by entering your domain root information in the tool. 

Organic research tool

If you need more detailed information about your keywords on which your site is ranking, you can use a fundamental research tool. It will help you to get all the information about your keywords. Also, an organic research tool will show you a graph that will show your keyword’s growth rate so that you will have an idea about its ranking. The organic research tool will also show you all the keywords for ranking in its “position” tab. 

Keyword Gap tool

When you own a website, you are always curious about the other websites with the same domain. You want to see their ranking as well as corresponding to your site. The keyword gap tool of SEMrush understands your concern and, therefore, shows the position of your site against other sites of the same domain or keywords. It provides you the opportunity to add five sites at a time and check your website against them. The keyword gap tool will show you all the keywords of your website and the corresponding sites and will show you the ranking of your keywords and the relevant keywords. 

Site audit tool

If you face any sort of issue after you have complete details about your keywords, your opponent site’s keywords, and your ranking, then you should use site audit tool to do a comprehensive audit of your website. The results will show you all the aspects of your site, and you will understand the issues that are hindering your site from ranking. You can check your site’s performance using the site audit tool. It is an excellent tool for users because they will improve their site performance after getting information about the root cause. 

Backlinks analytics tool

The backlinks analytics tool helps users to understand the quality of their web pages. It will show you the image of what other people see or feel about your website. It is beneficial because you can improve your site quality in this way. 

Backlink audit tool

The backlink audit tool will help you provide all the information like the number of backlinks, the number of domains linked to your pages, and the reasons you can trust those backlinks. 

After we have all the information about all the tools of SEMrush, the next step is to look at its plans.


SEMrush Pricing and plans

SEMrush is providing two main types of plans to its users. One is monthly, and the other plan is the yearly plan. We will see the details of both of them one by one.

SEMrush Tool review

Monthly plan

The monthly plan of consists of the following three plans:


Pro plan

The monthly Pro plan of SEMrush is best for the people who are starting a new business or freelancers. The reason is its limited budget. It provides the facility to run SEO, PPC, and SMM projects. It offers more than forty tools to its users. You can get the monthly pro plan for $99.95 per month. 

Guru plan

Guru’s plan of SEMrush is highly suitable for growing marketing agencies. It provides a content marketing platform to the users, along with historical data and branded reports. Also, you can get extended limits using the Guru plan. A monthly guru plan is available to users for only $199.95 per month. 

Business plan

As the name says, a business plan is best suitable for bigger businesses with an extensive web presence. The business plan provides white-label reports to users, API access, extended limits, and sharing options. You can avail of Google data studio integration if you are a user of the business plan. This plan is available to users for $399.95 per month. 

Yearly plan

The yearly plans have a SEMrush discount as compared to the monthly plans. It consists of the following three plans:

Semrush Reviews, Plans, and Pricing

Pro plan

The yearly pro plan has the same features, just like the monthly pro plan. However, it is available for only $83.28 per month for the whole year. 

Guru plan

Yearly Guru plan has the same features as of monthly Guru plan. The price is relatively less than the monthly Guru plan. You can get it for $166.62 per month for the whole year. 

Business plan

Like the pro and guru plan, the business plan also has the same features as the monthly business plan. However, you can get it for $333.28 per month for the whole year.


Pros and Cons of SEMrush

SEMrush is highly useful for personal and business purposes. However, it has some positive and negative sides, as well. 

Pros of SEMrush

Following are the advantages, according to multiple SEMrush reviews:

  • It helps you to advertise your brand products.
  • It provides you the facility of backlinks.
  • It helps you to measure your site performance.
  • It helps in comparing your site performance concerning other sites of the same keywords.
  • SEMrush is very useful in getting an idea about your website keywords.

Cons of SEMrush

Following are some drawbacks of using SEMrush:

  • As we have already discussed that, the database available in SEMrush is highly extensive. Therefore, it takes time to reach your required keyword. In simple words, it consumes your time. 
  • Although it has a very easy to use interface, it sometimes creates confusion for people who don’t have any technical knowledge. 


SEMrush tool is the ultimate way for SEO and site performance management. This article has all the details about every aspect of SEMrush.