SEO Backlinks

SEO backlinks are links that combine two different websites from a single source. In other words, a link that joins one website to the other is a backlink.

Backlinks have significant importance in SEO (Search engine optimization). You can call it backlinks, inbound links, or incoming links. While doing site SEO, backlinks act as a vote of confidence to the site given by another website. It will make the search engine realize that the other website endorses your site. The more backlinks your site has, the more chances that it will rank on the search engine. 


seo backlinks


Today, we will cover all the details regarding backlinks that will help your website SEO. For the ease of our readers, we have arranged the article in the following format:

  • How to create backlinks
  • How to buy quality backlinks
  • Different types of backlinks
  • Benefits of SEO backlinks

How to create backlinks

Creating backlinks is the first step towards your site SEO. The more amazingly you create backlinks for the right audience, the more you have a chance for positive results. Following are the things that you should keep in mind for creating backlinks:

Visit multiple sites with backlinks

The first step is to visit different sites with backlinks. It is a kind of research phase for you if you want to add backlinks to your website. While visiting multiple sites, you will get an idea about the products or services that are very famous for backlinks due to a vast audience, and you will also have the idea about multiple ways to add backlinks.  

  • Focus your audience

After you have decided on the service or product that you will add as a backlink, the next step is to focus on your audience. For instance, if you wish to sell a makeup related product, you will have a female audience, so you have to present it the way that is attractive for women. 

  • Write a few interesting words 

It is a crucial step in backlinks. You always have to write a small blog or a few words about the product or service that you are adding as a backlink on your website. Always keep in mind that this blog is the only way to attract the maximum audience so, right, it is the most interesting way. 

  • Reach to the site owners 

Now that you have understood and applied all of the above steps, the final step is to reach different website owners that relate to your content. Ask them to have a look at your content, and allow you to create the backlinks of their products so that people can reach out to their products or services by clicking onto the link that you have provided on your website. 

How to buy quality backlinks

There are multiple ways to buy quality backlinks. However, new techniques are added every year and taken over the web because of some rules or ways that are at the top of the list due to many factors. Following is a list of ideas that are considered as the best ones regarding the current time:

  • Try Infographics

Infographics are very famous for backlinks nowadays. The reason is, people find visual content more accessible to understand than readable content. Using infographics, you can give a visual representation of your service or products and can receive a considerable amount of quality backlinks from different websites. 

  • Try Skyscraper

Skyscraper is another famous tool for SEO and backlinks. You can get an idea about the trending topics using this tool. It works perfectly for creating backlinks in a way that you will create content that is at the top trending. However, you have to create the most amazing and quality assured content so that there is more chance of getting quality backlinks. 

  • Write guest posts

It is an excellent option for newbie’s and for people who want others to recognize them. Multiple famous platforms allow guest posts. You can write a blog on that platform to make people aware of your writing skills. It will have a significant impact on your blog, and you will get backlinks for your website. 

  • Promote your content (webmaster)

After you have written the most amazing and exciting content for getting backlinks, the next step is to promote it so that it will reach the maximum crowd. Webmasters are an excellent option for promoting your content. You can contact them and give them an introduction. If they like your content, they will promote it, and your site will get ranked on the search engine. 

Different types of backlinks

Backlinks have 14 different varieties. Each of them is good in its own way, and you have to choose the one that is perfect according to your website. However, we will categorize them into three groups. The first one will contain the backlinks that are best for SEO, second group backlinks are suitable for your website, and the third one is the worst among all, and that you have to avoid if you can. Following are the types of backlinks into three groups:

  1. Best backlinks

Editorial backlinks

Editorial backlinks have a direct association with the content on your website. For getting editorial backlinks, write quality content that is evergreen, and that is flexible enough to bury different companies in it. 

Guest blogging backlinks

Guest blogging is a productive strategy that can attract multiple company owners, and they can offer you backlinks. You can write guest posts on various platforms with maximum traffic. 

Backlinks in business profiles

While building business profiles on different platforms, keep in mind that the best it will be, the more are the chances to post backlinks. Therefore, always post the exceptional quality business profile. 

Backlinks from webinars

Webinars are a great way to attract maximum people. The reason is, it has all the visual content that people find easy to understand. Therefore, embedding webinars on your websites will be profitable for your site. 

Free tools backlinks

It is the type of backlinks that offer free tools to the users using your website. You can provide a free tool to use, or you can provide a mini-version for your paid tool to get the quality-assured backlinks.

  1. Good backlinks

Acknowledgment backlinks

There are multiple websites that publish acknowledgments about brands like about their sales, their donations, and much more. One can earn backlinks through this process of acknowledgment. 

Guest post bio backlinks

Unlike guests posts backlinks that we have written before, this type of backlinks doesn’t allow the author to add backlinks in the post. Instead, it will add backlinks to the author’s biography. 

Badge backlinks

It is a smart technique to automatically get backlinks from various brands and companies. You only have to make an attractive badge of those companies, and post it on your website. When they post those badges to their site, you will get a backlink for that. 

Backlinks from the press release

Press released backlinks are very common and trendy. You can always add a press release about a company or a brand and get a backlink for your website. 

Comment backlinks

Comment backlinks are usually acceptable if it’s not spam. Anyone can add backlinks to the comments if it is adding value to the conversation. 

  1. Worst backlinks

Paid links

Paid links are the paid backlinks that you buy to add value to your website. Always remember that backlinks only add value to your site, and the most noticeable thing for SEO is the content of your site. Therefore, always make a website with quality content to get the backlinks in a genuine way. If you buy backlinks just for your website ranking and you don’t have quality content, your site will not get ranked. 

Not newsworthy press release backlinks

If you only do press releases to get the backlinks and you don’t have any official or newsworthy reports for that, your entire hard work is useless. 

Low-quality directory links

Just like bad press releases, if you make directories that are not associated with your company, and you only aim for getting backlinks, you will be left empty-handed. 

Low-quality forum backlinks

If you have a company or a brand, and you post low-quality forums for backlinks, you will get no benefit out of it. 

Benefits of SEO backlinks

Following are the benefits of backlinks:

Google finds new pages

When you add backlinks to your website, Google will find new pages. The algorithm of Google works in the way of using backlinks for finding new pages on the web. 

Effect on website reputation

When you move the searchers to the best possible solution using backlinks, you will get a positive remark and an excellent reputation for your website. It will improve your website credibility. 

Drives traffic to your website 

By adding backlinks to your website, you can attract more people. Also, the search engine will redirect many searchers to your website.


The topic concludes that SEO backlinks are a great way to improve your website traffic and credibility if you use the best types.